PSU is throwing an Earth Day festive on Friday 4/21 from 11:00am to
3:00pm. This is a really good opportunity to show off OreSat, and the
CirrusFluxCam payload.

We're looking for a person to coordinate the event, and people to be
there to talk with folks. It's a great opportunity to talk up PSAS,
OreSat, and earth observation to the rest of the community.

Please email me directly! Thanks!


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Subject:        RSVP for the PSU Earth Day Festival!
Date:   Sat, 1 Apr 2017 00:23:11 -0700
From:   Environmental Club <ec...@pdx.edu>


The Portland State University Environmental Club would like to invite
you to be a part of PSU’s 2017 Earth Day Festival. On Friday, April 21st
from 11-3pm, we will be celebrating our Earth in the South Park Blocks
with many community partners. Participant organizations are encouraged
to communicate and network with both visitors and other tabling
organizations. This will make Earth Day an opportunity to learn,
celebrate, network, collaborate, and get involved.

Last year our event had an amazing turn out; over 1,000 visitors, a
craft market, reuse fair, and over 60 community partners and PSU
organizations participated. Help us make Earth Day bigger than ever and
register for tabling today!

Two chairs and a table will be provided to groups that register. We are
asking groups to please bring their own tent/canopy if they have one, as
we have limited tent space this year.

How to register: Please fill out this Google Form with information about
your group and contact information:

Please email us at ec...@pdx.edu <mailto:ec...@pdx.edu> if you have any

*We apologize if you have already received this email, we wanted to make
a correction that the event is on Friday, April 21st!*

Your Friends,
The PSU Environmental Club


*Join us on **Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/psuenvironmentalclub> and Orgsync

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