Here’re a few updates and things we need to do for the airframe. Stuff that
needs action from people is in *bold*.
Noseconey Things

On Friday, the propellant tank team helped demold the nosecone Adam and I
laid up earlier in the week. The seam between the half shells wasn’t fully
wetted with epoxy and the halves were misaligned, so it’s not a flyable

*I would like to review the process and results with Adam.* I think we can
fix the problems with something like the following:

   - Layup each half shell normally, leaving the flange dry.
   - Vacuum bag each half shell.
   - Unbag and demold each half shell.
   - Wet the flanges with epoxy.
   - Align and clamp the shells.
   - Smooth over the flanges.

Fin-Cany Things

We have *almost* everything we need to make a fin can.

We need to make some more brackets. Adam and I know how to do this. Andrew
expressed an interest in learning how to make brackets, so *perhaps one of
us can outsource some bracket making to him or someone*. It’s relatively
straight forward if you’ve seen someone do it and been told what the
gotchas are.

We need to sand one of the adhesive-surfaced modules. We have a contraption
for that. To use it, we need to 3D print a variant of the spider. I already
sent an email to the LID mailing list, but *if someone wants to check if
it’s on the queue, that’d be great. If it’s not, please add it. We need two
of them.* The relevant info for the print is as follows:
Parameter Value
File: STL
Extents: 6.0 inches in diameter and 0.55 inches tall
Units: inches
Printer: Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 2
Color: don’t care
Infill: 20%
*Wall thickness*: *3 layers*
Detail: 2/5 (like 0.2 or 0.3 mm; doesn’t matter too much)
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