--KSP is on sale on Steam for $20, 50% off, until July 5th, if you want to
buy the full version--

Game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAa9Ao26gtM

I'm hosting a pair of workshops Sunday, July 9th, from 2 'til around 7 for
those interested in learning how to play Kerbal Space Program. KSP is a
fantastic tool to teach yourself the important concepts in rocketry,
spaceflight, and orbital mechanics.
I expect it to be in FAB 86-01, the big PSAS meeting room, but I'll confirm
that when I can.

*Please sign-up using this link:* *https://goo.gl/forms/jmnJLKPUiycVhvSt1

The first workshop, at 2 PM, will be an intro to the game for those who've
never played or aren't very good at it yet. I'll be using the demo version
of the game which can be downloaded *for free* from the game's site (though
it's unavailable at the moment). In it I'll be teaching the basics of the
game and how to launch a rocket into orbit

The advanced workshop, at 5 PM, will rely on the full version of the game.
If you think it's something you might play, I'd recommend buying it while
it's on sale. (no, they don't pay me anything, but I wish they would.) You
can still attend the workshop without having the full version, but you'll
only be able to watch and not play along.
In it, I'll be going over how to fly to other moons and planets, landing on
them, the basics of rocket design, aircraft design, and installing mods, or
at least as much as there's time for. Going to the intro workshop should
prepare you enough for the advanced one.

If you can bring your own laptop/tablet that's reasonably powerful, please
do. There might be some computers available for people who can't, or you
can play with someone who has one.

If you already know the game well and want to teach a concept or tutor
people, let me know. I could use the help.

See you there!
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