Hello PSAS team!

If you were at last night's meeting then you are aware, and if you were not
then I am glad to announce that: we are forming an AIAA student chapter at
PSU. If you've already joined AIAA, thank you!

AIAA stands for American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a
professional organization.

We are currently at 8 confirmed members, and I have been promised by at
least four more that they will join. We need at least 15 founding members
to be recognized. If you have already joined but not filled out the form,
here it is: AIAA Student Branch Membership Form

Why do we want to join AIAA?

   - it adds legitimacy to PSAS
   - and provides to us a huge network of aerospace professionals
   - and a huge database of information on topics including rocket
   propulsion and satellite design.
   - They could potentially help us to start an accredited Aerospace
   Engineering program at PSU
   - We mostly will do what we already do!
   - YOU DO NOT have to be an engineering student to join, i.e. physics and
   business students are also welcome!

Individual membership benefits:

   - $25/yr student rate
   - If you're interested in aerospace, this is your professional
   organization (Add to your personal credentials).
   - You get the AIAA magazine (it's actually good)
   - HUGE discount for conferences
   ($125 for undergrad or $230 for graduate vs $1351 for general admission)
   - Networking opportunities with professionals from NASA, DoD, Boeing,
   SpaceX, other major aerospace organizations.

Here are links to our internal AIAA docs
<https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4jCAOlsh45DUmZNanFSZ0RTeGs> and the AIAA
website <http://www.aiaa.org/>. Let me know if you have any questions
and/or need help to sign up.

Thanks all!

Risto B. Rushford <https://www.linkedin.com/in/risto-rushford-4b350441>
Portland State University Student
Major: Supply and Logistics Management
Minor: Electrical and Computer Engineering
(208) 819 - 5997 <(208)%20819-5997>
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