Hi everyone!

Integration day tomorrow, Sunday April 8th! It's going to be a little
bit wet, so bring rain gear.

Here's the schedule:

- Get to the rocket room at 9:00am if you can. We're going to go over
checklists, and prep things for our test today.

- Slackers should arrive at the rocket room at 10:00am.

- Starting at 10:00am, we're going to start hauling things out to Keny's

- We're going to leave at 10:45am for Dave's house. If you can't meet us
before 10:45am at PSU, just go straight to Dave's. PLEASE don't arrive
at Dave's house before 11:00am. :) If you need Dave's address, it's in
the meeting notes from Tuesday eve. If you can't get access to that,
please email or text me.

- Starting at 11:00am, we're going to set up the launch tower, the
launch tower computer, LV3, tables, chairs, Flight Director's equipment,

- Hopefully by early afternoon we'll load LV3 on the rail, and do some
launch simulations.

- We'll break down around 4pm, be out of Dave's hair by 5pm, and
hopefully have everything back in the rocket room by 6pm.

Long day, but by the end we'll have a completely update checklist and
know that we're (almost) ready for launch!

See you then,

Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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