Hello everyone,

For Launch 13 on April 22, please see the following:

   - Preliminary Launch 13 Timeline

   - PSAS Launch Procedures Handbook <http://psas.pdx.edu/procedure-book/>;
   if you are only spectating, check out the rest but mostly pay attention to:
   - Personal Supplies

   - Chad Coates has put together a form to coordinate carpooling
   (some people can only come on the day of launch. Does anyone plan to leave
   early Sunday morning to meet us out there, who can also carpool?)

   - The post-launch after party will be a function of the IPA for IPA
   Fundraiser event <https://giving.psuf.org/events/ipa-for-ipa> on April
   24th, be sure to come! It is a pay-to-get-in event, but if you are a
   student and can't afford the admission price we still want you to come. Let
   me know if you want to volunteer to get in for free (limited opportunities

Risto B. Rushford <https://www.linkedin.com/in/risto-rushford-4b350441>
Portland State University
B.S. Supply and Logistics Management
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