Attention all members:

On April 19, 2016 AoE[1] we will launch a vote for two pending PSF Sponsor

If you are a voting member, you will receive a ballot. If you are not a
member, but would like to become one, please apply to be a contributing or
managing member (with voting privileges) by April 18, 2016 AoE.

The application form is available here:

If you do not know if you are a voting member, please email me off-list and
I will check.

Voter application cut-off date: April 18, 2016 AoE

Voting start date: April 19, 2016 AoE
Voting end date: May 3, 2016 AoE

[1]AoE (Anywhere on earth):

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Director of Operations
Python Software Foundation
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