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The PSF board meeting minutes from 14th June are now available online at [1].
This was the first meeting of the newly elected board. At the beginning of the
meeting, the new officers were elected. The positions and the names of the
board members are given below.

* Chair of Python Software Foundation -- Diana Clarke
* Vice chairs of Python Software Foundation -- Van Lindberg, and Naomi Ceder
* Communications Officers -- Lorena Mesa, and Kushal Das
* Treasurer -- Kurt Kaiser
* Secretary -- Ewa Jodlowska
* Assistant Secretary -- Betsy Waliszewski
* Conference Chair for PyCon 2017 -- Brandon Rohdes

It was also agreed that PSF will aquire pythonineducation.org domain name,
which will be used as an index site highlighting education related Python
projects around the world. PSF will also extend the partnership agreement with
the BBC, the Chair will sign the agreement on behalf of the PSF.

The following grants were also approved, totaling $12330 USD

*  Mountain View Algorithm Design Meetup
   May 21, 2016

* BBC micero:bit project
  UK's Blanc Ltd will do initial design for the new education site,
  will contain at least BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Foundation, and
  annual Education tracks, and events in Python conferences.

* Kumasi Tech Community
  23rd July, 2016
  Adum, Kumasi, Ghana

* School of Computational Intelligence, Nigeria
  For a 6 months training program

* Django Girls Seattle
  June 24-25, 2016

* Electromagnetic Field Camp
  Honorarium to Paul Sokolovsky for MicroPython talk In EMF camp
  August, 2016

The Grants Working Group also granted the following two grants.

* Grants WG: RESOLVED: that the Python Software Foundation’s Grants
Working Group grant $750 USD for the Seoul-Django Girls Workshop that
is happening on June 4, 2016. Approved 6-0-0 on May 13, 2016

* Grants WG: RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation’s Grants
Working Group grant $2000 USD for the PyLadies Conference happening in
February 2017 in southern California. Approved 7-0-0 on May 19, 2016

For more updates from the PSF, please visit our blog[2] and follow us on

[1] https://www.python.org/psf/records/board/minutes/2016-06-14/
[2] https://pyfound.blogspot.com/
[3] https://twitter.com/ThePSF

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