As you maybe saw in the meeting minutes, Python is participating in Outreachy this year!

"Outreachy helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. We provide a supportive community for beginning to contribute any time throughout the year and offer focused internship opportunities twice a year with a number of free software organizations."

It's a really great program that's been running for a few years now. Python last participated in 2014, but it's been hard to get the necessary mentorship support to run it regularly. However, the stars aligned this year and we're offering up one internship, likely focused on benchmarks and performance:

If you meet the eligibility criteria or know someone who does, we've only got 5 days until the deadline closes, but that's enough time to try a first patch and write an application! Feel free to pass this email and/or the link along.

If you want to help out on the mentoring side, we're always looking for folk to hang out on the IRC channel and chat with prospective interns, or feel free to email me if there's something more you'd like to do. I'm not currently planning to have us participate in future rounds (I'd like to see how this goes first!) but it's much more likely to happen if I have volunteers express interest in the program.

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