Hello PSF-Vote and PSF-Community,

We have some great news to share - that we have seated one additional
at-large director on the Python board, Paola Pacheco. Paola was tied with
Trey Hunner in the recent election, and Trey was chosen via the official
tiebreaking procedure.

However, after review of the new bylaws and election results, we were able
to seat one more director. This new director is Paola. Congratulations!

How did this occur?

Section 5.5 of the new bylaws say: "At the 2017 annual meeting of members
and at each annual meeting thereafter, the voting members shall elect
directors sufficient to fill eleven (11) at-large director seats."

In this latest election, Van Lindberg explicitly ran on the basis that, if
elected, he would fill an officer director seat. [1][2]. At the first
meeting of the new board, Van was appointed an Officer director, leaving
one at-large director seat open. Given the existing vote already captured
the preferences of the membership, identifying Paola as the 11th at-large
director was found to be consistent with the bylaws, with the vote of the
membership, and was determined to not invalidate any portion of the vote
under Delaware law.

Best Regards,

Van Lindberg, PSF General Counsel

Naomi Ceder, Chair, PSF Board of Directors

[1] Section 5.5.1: "The corporation shall have up to two Officer Directors
selected from the Officers of the Corporation, with the initial selection
of Officer Directors corresponding to the positions of Director of
Operations and General Counsel, subject to a vote of the members."

[2] From Van's write-up on the board candidates list at
andidates2017#id18: "Note: If elected, I expect that I will be appointed to
an 'Officer Director' position."

Naomi Ceder
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