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> Hi all,
> Many community members are concerned about usability and transparency
> issues. I know I've experienced multiple issues locating particular
> resources on the main website, the blog, and the wiki.
> Sometimes resources are hard to locate and sometimes they're missing
> entirely.
> The first step toward fixing a bug is describing the bug. Sometimes all it
> takes to make something more usable is a well-placed navigation link. But
> knowing who to report usability bugs/suggestions to can be a problem
> (should you contact the board, staff, a workgroup?).
> So there's now a psf-ux mailing list to report PSF-related usability
> concerns and brainstorm solutions. Here's the link to join the mailing list
> if you're interested in being part of PSF usability discussions:
> Betsy and I are currently on the mailing list and we plan to ensure that
> there will always be at least one PSF staff member or director on the
> mailing list to liaison issues and suggestions to the appropriate groups.
> If you're interested in helping improve the usability of PSF resources,
> please join the psf-ux mailing list.
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