I am thinking about writing a new web program in PSGI/Plack.  I purchased 
the 24-chapter book, but it seems geared towards porting over existing 
apps, not as a starter tutorial.

as I was looking for more info, I noticed the following is dead on the 
plack webpage:

PlebGUI: WebGUI meets Plack 
Patrick Donelan writes a good introduction for PSGI and Plack from the web 
application developers point of view.

but did not see an email for the maintainer.
nice starters are in 
 and http://savage.net.au/Perl/html/plack.for.beginners.html .

so I really need basic tutorial examples / documentation for a new app. 
 specifically, I need
   - hello world (documentation already exists).  I like the simplicity of 
   keeping each webpage in its own .pl file.  Less enthused by mojo like 
   approach of one big dispatch app.  but I could live with it.   is one 
   dispatch app required for psgi/plack (
   - session management (aka CGI:Session) -- aka php $_SESSION and 
   - GET, POST, SERVER read access -- aka php $_GET $_POST $_SERVER and 
   - http redirect -- aka php header("Location: /elsewhere/file.thml") and 
   - CGI::Carp fatalstobrowser  -- aka php default
   - headers to make served up content public but expiring

I have been using Text::Template for a while, and it seems fine.  but it 
could be easily switched.

that's it.

probably 50 lines of code.  would it be possible for someone in the know to 
post here and on the plack/psgi website, too?

does psgi need/have an application skeleton generator, like 



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