andy colson's skeleton starter uses Plack::Builder; Plack::Request; 
Plack::App::File; Plack::Session::Store::File;  reading the Plack::Request 
docs now, Plack::Request is for middleware and not app developers.  the 
docs state that HTTP::Engine is the preferred method.  could someone please 
post an example skeleton that is recommended for a starter web app with the 
builder and the engine?  maybe a few web and plack/psgi key 
features---routing, session storage, header passing, get/post processing, 
file uploads.  I could put an example together, but it would almost surely 
make the experts cringe and only make it worse for future starters.

my impression, after getting pretty far in the last weeks, is that 
Plack/PSGI is the natural replacement for (which is deprecated for 
new projects).  it is higher-level, cleaner, and smarter than; but 
lower-level, more stable, and with less of a learning curve than mojo or 
dancer.  however, unlike the latter full fledged development apps, which 
commit one to deeper and ever-changing ecosystems, the plack/psgi examples 
and docs are sparse.  if anything, they should be easier and more stable. 
 for beginning web app programmers, it would be really helpful to have 
20-50 short sample stand-alone web applications that do various things, for 
use in copy-paste construction.  plack/psgi is puzzlingly close and far...


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