I'm running Starman 0.4014 behind nginx 1.10.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.1
with Linux 4.4.0 (with nginx and Starman on separate servers).

I get immediate 502 errors from Nginx if all five Starman worker
processes are busy, even if I have recently (re-)started the
Starman master process.

As the --backlog option of Starman defaults to 1024,
and /proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn is 128, shouldn't these
requests be queued by Starman on the backend,
rather than being rejected?

Configuration is through Plack::Runner:

my %args = (
  '--port' => 6548,    # 3000 would be the default
  '--server' => "Starman",
my $runner = Plack::Runner->new();
my $app = $runner->locate_app("$FindBin::Bin/app.pl");
$app = $runner->apply_middleware($app, "SizeLimit", max_unshared_size_in_kb 
my $loader = $runner->loader;
my $server = $runner->load_server($loader);

- Maxwell


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