I have some Plack apps for REST API's that I can launch via plackup or 
start_server if want to daemonize and control them.  The target server I'm 
going to run them on is Centos 7 which encourages using systemd.  I'd like 
the apps to launch on reboot and be controllable via the systemctl command 
like other services.

I've tried a simple unit file like this:

Description=Kelp API PSGI app

ExecStart=/usr/bin/plackup -E deployment -p 8081 -s Starman --max-workers=2 


However, this fails to launch, I get this error:
Jul 10 13:59:35 p4904302.pubip.peer1.net systemd[1]: Started Kelp API plack.
Jul 10 13:59:35 p4904302.pubip.peer1.net systemd[1]: Starting Kelp API 
Jul 10 13:59:35 p4904302.pubip.peer1.net systemd[123826]: Failed at step 
USER spawning /usr/bin/plackup: No such process
Jul 10 13:59:35 p4904302.pubip.peer1.net systemd[1]: kelp-api.service: main 
process exited, code=exited, status=217/USER

/usr/bin/plackup exists; I've tried using start_server as a wrapper around 
plackup in the ExecStart line, but that fails also.  

I've also tried using uwsgi to serve the application, and while it works 
from the command line it doesn't seem to work with systemd either.

Does anyone have any examples of how this should work?



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