Competency Based Interviewing Technique through Interview Generator
Menara Peninsula- Jakarta 19 August 2005

How to avoid disastrous hiring decisions.............and create
your perfect interview in minutes

>From the Handbook of Industrial and & Organizational Psychology,
situational interviews have a 54% success rate in predicting job
performance, a 10% better chance than the next closest method and
47% better than the standard interview.

A. Course Overview
Managers have a very important job in today's business environment.
Interviewing and selecting the right personnel is one of the most
critical things you must do to reach organizational goals. The
hiring decisions made today will influence your organization for

It is because of this that organizations cannot afford to have
hiring decisions based on gut feelings. Managers need a system to
help ensure they make the right hiring decisions, and rely on "more
than a gut feeling."

B. What's Competency Based Interviewing
Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) is a method to increase the
effectiveness of the interviewing process in selecting and promoting
quality staff. With CBI, the interviewer carefully defines the
skills needed for the job and structures the interview process to
elicit behavioral examples of past performance.

Research findings show that the best predictor of future behavior is
past behavior. The job-related questions help the interviewer better
evaluate applicants fairly and improve the match between people and
jobs. This method is also referred to as competency-based or
behavioral interviewing.

C. Course Objective
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
•Review their current interviewing style and enhance it
•Plan a recruitment and selection process based on competencies
•Understand that a behavioral example is a specific life-history
event that can be used to determine the presence or absence of a
•Use interviewing skills such as:
a.asking open-ended questions
b.taking notes
c.seeking contrary evidence
d.using rapport-building questions
e.allowing silence
f.maintaining control during the interview
•Plan a logical, structured interview including preplanned interview
•Know why it is important to make selection decisions on facts and
information, not on a gut feeling.
•Know why the concept of "the best predictor of future behavior is
past behavior" is so important in the behavioral-based interview
•Understand what questions can and cannot be legally asked in the
interview process.
•Using Interview Generator SoftwareTM is a competency-based
Software interviewing tool

D.Workshop Agenda
Sesion 1 : 09.00 – 10.00
- Pre-training Questionnaire
- High Cost of Turnover
- Choosing the Right Person
10:00 – 10.45 a.m. BREAK
Sesion 2 : 10.15 – 12.00
- More Than a Gut Feeling II
- Behavioral Examples
- Open-Ended Vs. Closed-Ended Questions
- You be the Judge II
- Legal Issues
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. LUNCH
Sesion 3 : 13.00 – 15.00
- Reviewing Resumes and Applications
- Reducing Rating Errors
- Preparing for the Interview
- Creating the Atmosphere
- Making the Decision and Extending the Offer
15:00 p.m. – 15.15 p.m. BREAK
Sesion 4 : 13.00 – 16.00
- Explore Interview Generator Software : Simulation
- Post-Training Questionnaire
- Wrap Up and Evaluation
In-Person Class Numbers, We keep our classes small to ensure
efficiency and speed of learning, as well as individual attention
and a personal touch. Max. 20; min. 10
Overview Interview Generator Software

Interview-Building Software
for Managers & HR Professionals

- Thousands of Interview Questions -instantly!
- Answer guides for each question:
- Creates 'Instant Evaluation Forms' :for each interviewee
- Fully customizable:
- Option to add your own Questions:
- Expert email support on creating interviews.

Interview Generator™ is an easy-to-use, CD-Rom program that contains
an extensive database of about 50 behavioral competencies, with
scores of target behaviors (interview "answers") and corresponding
interview questions (about 1,000 interview questions in all!).
Behavioral interview questions combined with target behaviors are
written at three levels: 1) non-exempt, or support level; 2)
technical/professional; 3) manager, or leader. Interviewers quickly
compose customized behavioral interviews from an extensive list of
job-specific competencies. An Interview Guide is produced that can
be used during and after the interview to record comments,
evaluations and establish a legal record.

Interview Generator™ can be used for:

- Internal and External Recruitment and Selection
- Performance Evaluation/Coaching
- Career Development
- Succession Planning
- Competency Modeling

Reasons you need 'Interview Generator Software'

- Considerable and measurable Time and Cost savings. By helping you
hire the right person, the first time .
- Lasts a lifetime. Free updates each year. So in five years - ten
years - you'll still be using it - to hire the right staff!
- Helps you to identify the best candidates before you hire them
- Helps you avoid being unprepared and losing credibility during
the interview.
- Helps you avoid making the wrong hiring decision and getting
blamed for hiring a dud!
- Our Software is inexpensive and cost-effective; By hiring the
right staff - recoup your costs again and again
- Impress candidates with well organized and professional
interviews. Don't lose good candidates due to poor
- Allows you to add your own questions and categories.
- You can customize it for all your vacancies.

Investment : Rp. 1.500.000 per participants, incl. tuition fees,
coffee break and lunch, 1 licensed Interview Generator Software :
manhual, CD-ROM installation and manual book, E-Book Newest
Validated Competency Models.

For further information contact : Human Resources Development
Consortium, 021-87755607 or [EMAIL PROTECTED], 021-70068138
(sms only)

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