Awakening people's sixth sense is mind over matter
Evi Mariani, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

First Posted at: The Jakarta Post 
Wednesday, May 3 2006  Page 19   Features.

On a rainy Saturday, Vincent Liong, 19, held a one-day
workshop on awaking your sixth sense for a dozen of
beginners. Holding out fruit he bought from a wet
market, Vincent told his pupils to choose a fruit to
help them see intangible things.

"Ask a question, slice the fruit, see the surface and
feel it. The fruit can tell what you want to know," he

"Ask a question," Vincent told a student.

"Tell me about my sister's relationship with his
boyfriend," said one participant.

Vincent cut a cucumber and scrutinized the surface.

"The boyfriend is ignoring her. But she's putting up
with it. She's very patient," Vincent said with
confidence. "Eventually, she will be tired of the
situation. You don't have to tell her to leave him,
she'll do it."

A bit hesitant and bewildered, the students, from
various ages and professions, approached Vincent's
table to pick their choice of fruit or vegetable.

"Feel it," said Vincent, a skinny precocious youth.

Previously, he had convinced the whole room that
anyone could have the sixth sense without necessarily
being born with the ability.

"I don't practice clairvoyance. I prefer teaching
people how to feel and sense," he said. "I provoke

In the same room, a professional tarot reader,
Leonardo Rimba, had his own business. He was seriously
reading a set of tarot cards for a client, who
listened raptly to Leo.

These clairvoyance classes were not located in a cave
in a mystical mountain. They were held at a building
in the heart of the capital, on Jl. Jendral Sudirman.

There was no smell of incense or seven flowers in the
room although the head of the class jokingly call
himself a "dukun" (shaman).

Two years ago, an aura check showing Vincent had a
bluish color, indicating him to be an "indigo boy".
Indigo people are known to possess special ability to
see what others cannot.

Before being declared an indigo Vincent was an
ordinary, yet precocious boy. At age 15 he wrote
essays relating his reflection on his social
environment. The essays were printed by large
publisher Grasindo, titled Berlindung di bawah payung
(Sheltering under an umbrella).

Born into a wealthy family that lives in upmarket
Permata Hijau did not make him ignore social problems.
In the book, he wrote about laborers, corrupt leaders,
even a children's fashion show in which he once

Once he realized he had a potential for a sixth sense,
he rarely wrote and concentrated instead on sharpening
the sense.

Hence, his friendship with other clairvoyants like Leo
the tarot reader. His oddball network grows from day
to day as he transfers his ability to other people
through friendship.

His parents' place is open house for his close
friends, some of whom he knows through his mailing

On a typical day, a guest can find a veterinarian that
practices acupuncture for pets, who is learning
numerology and tarot sitting in the backyard reading
cards. Next to her, a university student who is a
specialist on romance reading sits while recounting
his condition to the veterinarian and the tarot

"It's easy to learn clairvoyance. I can teach you, it
won't take long," Vincent offered generously.

It's difficult to think they are a bunch of con
artists because what they say about a client's
condition or future is plausible and realistic.

"Our readings are not fixed. We just explain future
conditions based on the current situations. So, you
can change your future if you want," Leo said.

Conversations that take place in Vincent's house when
his friends visit are unique. They sometimes talk
about things they see, which most people don't see.

"He's there at the corner, I think," Vincent said,

"Yeah, I think so, too," Leo replied.

"Are you guys talking about a ghost?" someone asked.

Vincent and Leo looked at each other and both
muttered: "Yeah, but he's harmless."

It's not easy being different. However, he seems to be
breezy about his sixth sense, he makes jokes about it.
People who meet him for the first time will just see
him as a very talkative teenager.

Studying in the Psychology Department at Atmajaya
University, Jakarta, he sometimes teases his

"I steal their knowledge. I can read their memory, so
I can foretell the subject of the next class
beforehand. Once I made a paper based on what I stole
from the lecturer, so I'd written all that she was
about to say when the class started," Vincent said,

Talkative, different, breezy and funny: That's
Vincent. And what is Vincent's ideal title for a
psychology paper?

Put a spell on a lecturer.

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