XMMS2 Team officially announced its graphic competition today. The
competitions goal is for the popular media player to gain a new look
and to increase awareness of the project. The competitions will be
split up in two parts: the first will be for a new logotype. The
second part, which will be launched after the conclusion of the first,
will aim for a new look for the wiki with reusable elements for client
authors to use.

First prize in both competitions is an Amazon.com gift certificate
valid for $400. The prize money for this contest came from last year's
Google Summer of Code program. The competition will start today and
last submission date will be 2007-04-13.

To compete or get more information please visit

é para quem gosta de participar destes concursos... :D
.ValessioBrito ://valessio.ul-jb.org/
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