"Foxconn Releases Test BIOS Fixing Linux Crashes"

""Only a week after the bad press coverage regarding the Linux-related
bugs in a number of motherboards released by Foxconn (which turned out
to be the AMI BIOS that several board makers use), Foxconn is the
first vendor out with a publicly released test patch that fixes the
bulk of the problems, allowing kernel 2.6.26 to run well on the
afflicted boards. The remaining issues appear to either be kernel bugs
in builds earlier than 2.6.26, issues with the Intel chipset itself,
or minor annoyances that Foxconn is still working to resolve. Foxconn
representative Heart Zhang has posted on the Ubuntu forums (where the
situation began), apologizing for the issues, thanking Foxconn
customers and the community at-large for their feedback, and promising
that Foxconn will take Linux support and testing seriously, going


o problema eh a negligencia de alguns fabricantes com o linux, mas as
coisas estao mudando :)

2008/7/30 Rafael Gomes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Kiko,
> Me desculpe, mas o fato de o erro ter sido ocasionado por x ou y não
> desobriga a fabricante da placa. Que tem a obrigação sobre o produto
> vendido.
> Primeiro fomos a Foxconn, depois foi relatado o problema. Previsão de
> resolução? Não? O que faremos? Indicaremos outras placas (Nunca indiquei
> Foxconn mesmo...)
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