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" Se você tem uma maçã e eu tenho uma maçã e, em seguida, trocarmos as
maçãs, eu e você ainda teremos uma maçã cada um. Mas se você tem uma idéia e
eu tenho uma idéia e trocarmos essas idéias, então cada um de nós terá duas
idéias. "

George Bernard Shaw

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From: Scott Lamberton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 5:26 AM
Subject: Upcoming LPI Webcasts: December 17th

LPI Candidates and Alumni:

In 2009, LPI will mark its 10th Anniversary as an organization serving
Linux professionals. To recognize this milestone we will be undertaking
a number of new initiatives--including as many of you already know the
launch of our LPIC-3 "303" Security elective (February 1, 2009) and the
new LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams (April 1, 2009).

We will also host a number of informative and educational "webcasts."
These webcasts will provide information on our certification program
and even assist our candidates with exam preparation. On this initiative
we will be working with BrightTalk (http://www.brighttalk.com) -- a
provider of online webcasting services.

We invite everyone to participate in our pilot summit on December 17, 2008.
This pilot event will enable us to develop an audience profile which will
assist BrightTalk to find sponsors for future such events in 2009. Please
register for these online presentations through our webpage at:


We would also appreciate your feedback on these presentations, ideas
for future webcasts, or even volunteers who might want to provide their
own presentations!. Please contact us at [EMAIL PROTECTED] should you have
any questions in this regard.

Again we invite you all to attend our webcasts on December 17, 2008.
Please register at:


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a prosperous and successful 2009!


Scott Lamberton
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute
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