Hoje faz um ano que Aaron Swartz morreu.

Lançaram uma campanha contra a espionagem da internet, leiam abaixo, e se

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for signing up to take part in The Day We Fight Back on February 11th
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In the last 6 months we’ve seen that government agencies, namely the NSA
and GCHQ and others, *have broken laws and twisted legal
interpretations*to create an infrastructure of mass surveillance of
all of us online.

This creates a *dark form of censorship* as people become afraid to speak
freely -- and it’s one that *undermines our security and our right to
privacy as well*. As users of the Internet, we have a responsibility to
defend its freedom.

That's why we're planning this online protest, but we need you, the users,
the help make it happen.

Will you forward the email below to your friends to urge them to join us?


David Segal,
Co-founder, Demand Progress.



*I just signed up to be part of the The Day We Fight Back, a coalition of
some of the biggest websites on the Internet and their users, fighting back
against government surveillance. You should join us in this effort, here's
what it's about:*

In January 2012 we defeated the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation with *the
largest Internet protest in history*. A year ago this month one of that
movement's leaders, *Aaron Swartz*, tragically passed away.

*Today we face a different threat*, one that undermines the Internet, and
the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society: mass

If Aaron were alive, he'd be on the front lines, fighting against a world
in which governments observe, collect, and analyze our every digital action.

Now, on the eve of the anniversary of Aaron's passing, and in celebration
of the win against SOPA and PIPA that he helped make possible, we are
announcing a day of protest against mass surveillance, to take place this

We're calling it, simply, The Day We Fight

The SOPA and PIPA protests were successful *because we all took part*, as a
community. *As Aaron once put it, everybody "made themselves the hero of
their own story."* We can set a date, but a real movement requires
everyone, and in particular the users of the Internet, to get involved.

Here's how you can join the effort:

1.  Visit 

2.  Sign up to indicate that you'll participate and receive updates.

3. If you have a website, sign up to install a banner on February 11th. If
you work at a company with a website, let them know you think your company
should join the protest.

4. Use social media tools on the site to announce your participation.

5. Develop memes, tools, websites, and do whatever else you can to
participate and encourage others to do so.
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You are fighting against the NSA

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