Tracking the Internet into the 21st century

                Vinton G. Cerf
 Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist
                Google, Inc.
Auditorio da Reitoria da UFMG
 06/06/06 - 15:00


In his talk, Dr. Cerf will address the current status of the Internet,
some of the technology changes that are driving its evolution, and
some of the global policy issues that have to be dealt with. Among
many such issues are included IPv6, mobility, increasing capacity in
the core and the edges, broadband alternatives, competition,
security, and authentication. He will suggest a number of new
applications relevant to business and research, before turning to
the device-driven Internet that includes sensor networks, control
systems, Internet-enabled appliances and so on. Finally, he will
report on the status of the interplanetary extension of the Internet
now underway at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,

Sobre o palestrante:

Dr. Vinton G. Cerf is a Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for
Google, Inc. He is responsible for identifying new enabling technologies
and applications for Google. Dr. Cerf played a key role leading the
development of Internet and Internet-related data packet switching
technologies. He is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the
architecture of the Internet. In 2004, Dr. Cerf and his colleague Robert
E. Kahn received the ACM Turing Award for founding and developing the
Internet. Besides this highest distinction for a computer scientist, he
holds numerous awards and honors in engineering, science, and as an
inventor. He started his career with a BSc degree in Mathematics from
Stanford and a PhD degree in Computer Science from UCLA in 1972, and since
then has received a number of honorary degrees, including the Dr. Sc.
Techn. H.C. from ETH, Zuerich, in 1998.

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