Uma vez q já rolou um debate pró e contra Creative Commons por aqui,
acho q talvez isso aqui possa interessar aos assinantes . . .

Microsoft, Lessig Launch New Creative Commons Copyright Tool
Elizabeth Montalbano,

The coupling of Microsoft and Lawrence Lessig, an outspoken proponent
of loosening restrictions on copyrights for digital content, may seem
an unlikely one. But the software company and Lessig's Creative Commons
organization will announce Wednesday that they've teamed up to develop
a tool that lets Microsoft Office users create Creative Commons licenses
from within Microsoft Office documents. Creative Commons licenses allow
an author of published material to decide how he or she wants to allow
others to republish or reuse that work. The new copyright licensing
tool will enable people creating documents in Office, PowerPoint, or
Excel to immediately attach a Creative Commons license to the document
through an option in the applications' "File" command. The partnership
has positive implications for both sides, [Rob Enderle] said. Lessig
wins a significant partner in his push for removing some of the
restrictions from copyrights, and Microsoft offers a useful tool that
will make current and potential Office users happy. Lessig founded
Creative Commons in December 2002, and today there are about 140 million
published works -- which include audio and video files, as well as
documents and other printed materials -- that use a Creative Commons
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