Resumindo: a Corel esteve envolvida na especificação do ODF, mas disse q
só vai implementá-lo em seus produtos qdo houver demanda dos clientes...


Corel Sheds Light on ODF Support -- And the Lack of It
Matthew Aslett, Business Review Online

"Yesterday I had the chance to meet up with Richard Carriere, general
manager of office productivity with Corel, for an interesting chat
about the state of the office productivity market and Corel's position
among the competing noise of Microsoft, Google, and Star/Openoffice.
Richard was also able to shed some light on something that had puzzled
me -- why Corel had not yet announced support for the OpenDocument
Format despite being involved in the standardization process. 'It would
be very easy in the government space to say "we're betting the farm on
ODF", but nobody's really using it,' he maintained. While there is
interest in the document format, he explained that the company sees
confusion between the format and the use of formats to solve business
problems. No one ever doubted Corel's business decision to support the
new Office 12 formats, but it does seems strange that a company that
boasts "we support more file formats than anyone else, even Microsoft"
could not also find room for ODF. It's a question of priorities,
explained Carriere, who also maintained that Corel would be there with
ODF support as soon as customers demand it... ODF is currently supported
by StarOffice,, KOffice, and IBM Workplace."
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