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O Google acaba de lançar uma planilha online -- e, com isso, invadir um
pouco mais do espaço da Microsoft.

Although it's still considered a work in progress, Google's online
spreadsheet will offer consumers and businesses a free alternative to
Microsoft's Excel application -- a product typically sold as part of the
Office software suite that has been a steady moneymaker for years.

Google Spreadsheets has more than 200 functions, including data sorting
and the ability to search cells for certain information. The product
doesn't offer features in Office such as charts or small programs known
as macros that automate tasks.

Rochelle said the program's main goal is to make it easier for family,
friends or co-workers to gain access to the same spreadsheet from
different computers at different times, enabling a group of authorized
users to add and edit data without having to e-mail attachments back and

Google is targeting Office, which generated $2.95 billion in sales and
$2.09 billion in profit in Microsoft's third quarter ended March 31.
Microsoft plans a new release this year and is trying to get Office into
more consumers' hands at a cheaper price while persuading businesses to
buy higher-priced versions.

"What's taking Google so long?" asked Alan Yates, Microsoft's general
manager for information worker business strategy.

"We've expected this for a long time, and it's nothing new. We've run up
against competition that various people have touted as free or Web-based
over and over and we're still doing quite well," Yates said.

Isto acontece ao mesmo tempo em que a Microsoft tenta negociar com a
Adobe o direito de salvar documentos em PDF -- coisa que o OpenOffice já
faz há tempos. Ou seja: é pressão de todos os lados.

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