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Now that draft 2 is out, I think it's important that we study it and start
directly informing the community - quickly - by our blogs, mailing lists,
websites, web forums, community news sites, etc.

If we don't inform people directly, people will get their information from
the mainsteam news sources.

Linus very quickly announced that he doesn't like draft 2, so there is a
risk that the mainstream news sources are going to focus on that, instead of
on the changes and the reasons for the changes in draft 2 compared with
draft 1 and compared with GPLv2.

 Linus: "Nothing fundamental seems to have really changed, so GPLv3 is
         pretty much irrelevant for the kernel."
 Source: http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS9516231028.html

Here are the changes from draft 1 to draft 2, with footnotes explaining the
reasons for the changes:

Here's the first draft of the new LGPL:

And here's an audio recording of Eben Moblen introducing the changes:

And here's the GPLv3 wiki page for (hopefully) persuasive materials:

Also, here are two documents I've just made:

A html diff of draft 1 and draft 2:

And a html diff of GPLv2 and draft 2 of v3:

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