Artigo muito interessante sobre um partido político que propõe reformar as atuais leis de propriedade intelectual: "the Pirate Party and the Pro Piracy Lobby".

"Overlooked by the major media is the weird situation in Sweden, where a political party and lobbying organization has cropped up with the sole purpose of overturning the current crop of copyright and patent laws and creating something more modern and realistic: the Pirate Party and the Pro Piracy Lobby. (...)

This all began with the recent shutdown of The Pirate Bay, a famous quasi-legal Web site run out of Sweden. (...)

The U.S. government, after getting a bunch of complaints from Hollywood and the record industry, allegedly threatened Sweden (though some diplomatic channel), telling the country that it would be blacklisted in the World Trade Organization if it didn't shut down the Pirate Bay once and for all."

Artigo completo:,1895,1996839,00.asp

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