Artigo da TechWorld (UK) sobre o uso de software livre em Extremadura e outros governos mundias.

"The Spanish region of Extremadura has gone open source, deciding to move its entire administratrion to Linux and open source software within a year.

The region's government has promoted open source for nearly 10 years but will now make it a requirement that its officals use the ODF and PDF formats for all documents. (...)

The government has estimated that the total cost of this project was about 190,000 euros (£130,000), 18 million euros lower than if the schools had purchased Microsoft software. (...)

Extremadura will make a presentation on the project to the United Nations in August, and in September at the Ciudad del Saber ("City of Knowledge") project in Panama, Vázquez de Miguel said. The region has a population of just over 1 million, and an employment rate of 50 percent.

A number of national and regional governments are investigating open source software and open file formats as a way of reducing their long-term costs and stimulating local economies. One of the highest-profile is Munich's migration of 14,000 desktops from Windows to Linux.

Massachusetts made headlines worldwide last September when then-state CIO Peter Quinn finalised a plan to begin migrating to OpenDocument formats for reading and saving reports, spreadsheets and presentations by the start of 2006.

In the UK, Birmingham City Council, Europe's largest local authority, is moving 1,500 desktops as well as back-end servers in its library service to open source software in a year-long trial.

Bristol City Council believes it will save 60 percent on software costs over five years by switching its 5,500 users to Sun's StarOffice and the ODF (Open Document Format) standard, and ditching Microsoft Office.

The UK government is backing a programme called the Open Source Academy, an umbrella for a number of projects hoping to encourage the use of open source software in local authorities. "

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