Este é um exemplo de como a Microsoft tentará convencer governos de todo o mundo a investir no Vista:

The launch of Windows Vista next year will be directly responsible for creating more than 50,000 IT jobs in six large European countries, and will lead to a flood of economic benefits for European companies, according to a Microsoft-funded IDC study released on Thursday.

The white paper, The Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Vista, emphasised that while Vista will earn Microsoft a great deal of money, far more will be generated by European companies within the Microsoft "ecosystem". (...)

"IDC believes that more than half of the gain in Windows-related employment will be specifically related to Windows Vista. It is growth that IDC believes would not occur were Windows Vista not in the market," Gantz, Gillen and Warmerdam said in the study. "Windows Vista... will infuse significant new energy into the market in its first 12 months of shipment, driving important job growth and new industry revenues.",39020330,39283327,00.htm


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