Não são apenas os brasileiros e os norte-americanos que descobriram
falhas graves de segurança nas urnas eletrônicas.

Gostei da estratégia usada para chamar atenção para o problema: mais
do que apontar falhas, eles descrevem *como* explorá-las para
modificar resultados ou transformar as urnas em máquinas de jogar

"In a just-published report (PDF, in English, cached here), the Dutch
we-don't-trust-voting-computers foundation (Dutch and English) details
how it converted a Nedap voting machine, of a type used in Holland and
France, to steal a pre-determined percentage of votes and reassign
them to another party. The paper describes in great detail how
'anyone, when given brief access to the devices at any time before the
election, can gain complete and virtually undetectable control over
the election results.' As a funny bonus, responding to an earlier
challenge by the manufacturer, the researchers reflashed a voting
machine to play chess. The news was on national television (Dutch)
last night and is growing into a major scandal. 90% of the votes in
the Netherlands are cast on these machines and national elections will
be held in a month."


Nelson Ferraz

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