distro baseada em Debian com nada menos que
1500 softwares para produção multimídia...

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From: Marco Ghirlanda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Nov 10, 2006 12:32 PM
Subject: [piksel] ArtistX, an intro...

Hello guys,
my name is Marco Ghirlanda and I'm a piksel remote fan (since unluckily
I couldn't come in the last editions).
I wanted to tell you about a project we are running with some friends
based on my former work at the Mediainlinux project.
ArtistX (www.artistx.org) is a Debian Live DVD containing more than 1500
softwares for multimedia production.
Is far from the stability and robustness of some other distributions
also presented at Piksel like Dyne or Apodio (WHICH I LOVE), but it's
just started, 0.2 :-)
The goal is to improve the multimedia side of Debian and introduce new
users to GNU/Linux in a completely free environment (no patents
encumbered softwares).
Feel free to submit comments, critics and suggestions to [EMAIL PROTECTED].

Have a nice day and a nice download :-)


Fabianne Balvedi
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