Acabo de participar de um chat com a presença de Nat Friedman no, canal #ubuntu-classroom. Esse bate-papo faz parte da
programação do Ubuntu Open Week ( -
OpenSuSE Invite Discussion - Mark Shuttleworth - que ocorre durante toda
essa semana.

Para quem interessar transcrevo abaixo a participação de Nat Friedman
(nickname Nat_) que terminou há alguns minutos. Mark Shuttleworth participa
como o nick sabdfl.

<Panzerboy_> lol
<Nat_> You were killed by a grue :-)
<tuxub> :p
<Nat_> Thanks for the invitation to say something, I appreciate that, but I
was just hear to lurk and listen :-)
<sabdfl> story of my life :-)
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<Nat_> I do think a lot of people misunderstand and blow out of proportion
the Novell/MS deal
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<Amaranth> Nat_: Tell a joke?
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<Nat_> I can understand why people would be concerned about a partnership
with Microsoft, but I guess I'd ask people to look at the situtaion and try
to see if there's really a real harm being done.
<Nat_> And if people have questions I'm glad to field those :-)
<Nat_> Here or elsewhere
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<Nat_> I'm also on another phone call right now so I'm not really as
articulate as, like, I'd want to be
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<Nat_> ;-)
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<sabdfl> ok, questions for Nat_ in -chat, i'll post here
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<Nat_> Thanks :-)
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<oblio> Nat_: for microsoft, no harm :))
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<sabdfl> (18:52:13) jku_: QUESTION: Nat_, so you disagree with sabdfl about
the meaning/importance of the patent-part of the deal? Do you see no ill
effects for the free software community?
<eboogie> Nat_ : can you clarify the comments steve balmer made about the
future infringements?
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<Nat_> Personally I think we got MS to acknowledge that Linux is real, that
it matters; we got a lot of money from them that we can use to continue to
subsidize writing free software -- software that shows up in Ubuntu, for
example; we didn't violate the GPL and I don't think there's any real harm
to any other parties.
<apokryphos> !questions
<ubotu> Please ask your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
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<eboogie> you're bad.
<sabdfl> (18:52:16) KHatfull: QUESTION: (for Nat_) Can you give us the short
3-5 sentence statement on what the Novell/MS deal means to someone iside
<Nat_> Microsoft has been making threatening noises about Linux and their
patents for years and years, that's nothing new
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<Nat_> I think it menas basically nothing for someone inside opensuse,
except I hope it means that we get to hire more people to contribute to
<Nat_> One of the things we asked Microsoft to put in the deal, and which
they tried to put in, is a promise never to sue a person for their
association with free software
<sabdfl> (18:53:03) LoudMouthMan: QUESTION: NAT_ can you introduce your self
and clarify your relationship with OPensuse and Suse/Novell ?
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<sabdfl> drumroll...
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<Nat_> They didn't do a great job of that, but they're going to redraft it
and we hope to see something improved at some point soon :-)
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<sabdfl> (18:53:27) Bourlotieris: QUESTION: "No real harm done" - do you
believe that Balmer would make the UNACCEPTABLE announcement he did a few
days ago if there was no deal with Novell?
<Nat_> Oh, I'm Nat Friedman, I cofounded a company called Ximian in 1999; in
2003 we sold it to Novell; now I'm CTO of the Linux group at Novell.  I live
in Germany.
<Nat_> Well, first I agree that Ballmer's statements were totally
<Nat_> and our CEO published an open letter in which he said the same thing
<sabdfl> (18:53:38) apokryphos:
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<Nat_> But, it doesn't take a lot of google searching to determine that he's
been saying approximately those same things for years and years, independent
of any dealings with Novell
<Nat_> So, yes, I think he would have been saying that stuff anyway.
<Bourlotieris> Only now Novell is relished from that
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<Nat_> Novell is not released
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<Nat_> Microsoft could sue Novell at any time, that's not prohibited in the
<Nat_> We would be protected by our own patent portfolio (which we could use
to sue Microsoft back) and by OIN, which we helped create.
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<Nat_> If you don't know OIN -- check out
it's a company that pools patents and uses them to protect Linux
<Nat_> so if someone sues Canonical, or Red Hat, or Debian, over a
Linux-related patent infringement, OIN will sue them back
<Nat_> Novell helped OIN get all of the patents they have today.
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<sabdfl> Best news I've had all day :-)
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<sabdfl> Ok, thanks very much Nat_
<Nat_> Novell didn't actually need that protection itself (becuase we
already had ~400 patents)... but we did it anyway
<Nat_> yep
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<Nat_> thanks for the chance :-)
<sabdfl> yer welcome
<sabdfl> in closing
<sabdfl> i do want to apologise to anyone offended by my direct invitation
to opensuse devs

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On 11/29/06, Olival Júnior <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Bom, olha aqui a foto dele e do Nat Friedman dançando can-can em um hotel
com o David Vaskevitch, então CTO da MS (isso foi em 2004):

Realmente, eles devem gostar do cara e não é de hj . . .

[ ]s,


Em 29/11/2006, às 15:45, Antonio Fonseca escreveu:


Mas os caras de Redmond devem gostar muito do Icaza, hein.

A foto dele está lá em destaque faz bastante tempo! :-)


On 11/29/06, Olival Júnior <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Em 29/11/2006, às 14:13, Antonio Fonseca escreveu:
> > Quanto ao Mono, concordo com suas observações (parece que você não
> > simpatiza muito com o Icaza :-)). Ainda assim tenho um sentimento
> > estranho de que a gigante gostaria de "aprontar" algo mais sutil
> > para ele, além da estratégia já em curso do  "cachorro corrento
> > atrás do próprio rabo"!
> >
> Não tenho nada contra o Icaza (conheci o cara em 2003, aqui em Bsb, e
> chegamos a trocar uns e-mails sobre o Mono, na época ainda bem mais
> incipiente do q hj - o cara é tranqüilo e super articulado). Só
> apontei as relações dele serem amigáveis para a MS para poder dizer q
> não é surpresa sair foto e entrevista dele no "portal open source da
> MS". Surpreso eu ficaria se aparecesse o Stallman . . . ;-)
> Agora, se a questão é ser multiplataforma usando tecnologia de
> empresas "tradicionais", hj sou mais um Java GPL v2 do q o Mono e
> sabe-se lá o q está escrito nas letras miúdas do contrato com a MS.
> [ ]s,
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