Parabéns a iniciativa do governo brasileiro.
Agora só está faltando uma norma legal regulamentando, que faça os
orgaos do governo cumprirem internamente esta recomendaçao.



Brazil Endorses ODF As Recommended Standard
With the publication of version 2.0 of its e-Ping Interoperability
Framework, Brazil becomes the first country in South America to
officially recommend ODF. The framework states that all .xls, .doc
and .ppt files are in transition, meaning they do not comply anymore
with its technical policies, and that ODF is now the Brazilian
Government's officially recommended format. 

Brazil''s Interoperability Framework (ePING 2.0) -
Alliance Release -

Italy To Adopt ODF As A National Standard
Italy is now joining countries such as Malaysia that intend to recognize
ODF as a national standard. Italian standards bodies voted unanimously
to recognize ODF when the International Organization for Standardization
(ISO) formally publishes ISOIEC 26300, which occurred on 30 November
2006 (see below).


ODF Standard Published By ISO/IEC
Approved in May 2006, ODF is now also officially published as an ISO/IEC

ISO 26300 -

French Parliament To Go Linux-OpenOffice-ODF
By June 2007, French deputies and their staff in the Assemblee Nationale
will complete a move of 1,154 desktops to a Linux operating system,
OpenOffice, Firefox, and what is likely to be an open source e-mail
program. The move was propelled by the so-called Carayon Report, which
recommended, among other things, that documents be saved in ODF and that
ODF be used by governments throughout the EU. The migration was also the
subject of a study by Atos Origen that pointed to considerable cost

CyTrap Labs: Trends in OSS/ODF in French Public Administrations - 
Carayon Report Summary (French) - 
Charles-H.Schulz Blog -

ODF Advances In India's Public Sector
The Delhi state government's commercial tax office is the latest public
entity in India to adopt ODF for official use. The following government
agencies have now either passed a circular to adopt ODF or have already
adopted ODF: Government of Delhi; Allahabad Court; Department of Tax,
Delhi; Life Insurance Corporation (a government entity); Indian Army;
and the Election Commission.

Conference Considers Use of Open Standards, ODF In Poland
On 8 November 2006, the Polish Parliament (Sejm) held a conference
"Informatics Revolution – Open Standards of Information Exchange" under
the auspices of Sejm Speaker Marek Jurek, at which participants
discussed how an ICT strategy that uses open standards as a key enabling
technology could help position Poland as a technology leader. Speakers
included Sejm deputies Roman Czepe and Edward Siarka, and
representatives from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and OASIS, which
highlighted the steady emergence of ODF as the document exchange format
of choice for governments.

Conference Summary (Polish) –

ODF Template Contest Winners Announced has announced the winners of its ODF template contest
sponsored by The judges distributed cash
prizes totalling $3200, and T-shirts and other
merchandise were sent to many of the other entrants. The winning entries
can be viewed at:

ODF Applications Support Update: 1) Corel WordPerfect Office; 2) Xandros
Desktop – Professional; 3) O3Spaces 2.0 
Beginning in mid 2007, Corel WordPerfect will provide open, view and
edit support for ODF and Microsoft's Office Open XML (M-OOXML) as a
first step towards a comprehensive set of functionality for both
formats....Xandros Desktop – Professional, version 4 of Xandros' Linux
desktop operating system and applications suite that is designed to work
in a mixed Linux/Windows environment, now incorporates ODF....O3Spaces
announced the immediate availability of its document collaboration and
management application, which includes support for ODF. 

Alliance Statement on Corel Announcement - 
Xandros Desptop – Pro -
O3Spaces -

Upcoming Conferences/Events With ODF Tracks:

XML2006 [5-7 December 2006 – Boston, MA]

BostonPHP January User Group: ODF what's in it for you? [3 January 2007
– Boston, MA],com_gigcal/task,details/gigcal_gigs_id,23/

New Members
The Alliance has grown to 350+ members from 50 countries – governments,
academic institutions, associations/NGOs, and industry dedicated to
educating on the benefits and opportunities of ODF. Please welcome the
following new members: DL2 Consulting AB (Sweden); Interition Limited
(UK); T3 Software Development (Poland); Adlib Software (Canada);
StreamServe, Inc. (USA); UKUUG - the UK's Unix and Open Systems User
Group; Paradigma (Portugal); PSIL (France); Danish Open Source Society
(DOSS); IFILP-TEC — Área Técnica do Instituto de Forma (Portugal); and
MySQL (Sweden).

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