Triste, mas um fato... infelizmente, só fiquei sabendo agora, e isso já tem
6 meses!!!

Eu costumo visitar páginas de diversos OSs a fim de ver o que tem de novo,
os focos do projeto, e por aí vai... fazia um tempo que eu não olhava o
OpenDarwin, e fiquei triste hoje em ver que o projeto foi cancelado... Uma
pena. Mais triste é ver que ninguém deu bola para isso... Provavelmente
porque ninguém use, afinal de contas, é um projeto financiado pela Apple, e
nem todo mundo tem dinheiro para comprar um Mac.

Um abc!


OpenDarwin Shutting Down

OpenDarwin was originally created with the goal of providing a development
environment for building and developing Mac OS X sources as well as
developing a standalone Darwin OS derivative. OpenDarwin was meant to be a
development community and a proving ground for fixes and features for Mac OS
X and Darwin, which could be picked up by Apple for inclusion in the
canonical sources. OpenDarwin has failed to achieve its goals in 4 years of
operation, and moves further from achieving these goals as time goes on. For
this reason, OpenDarwin will be shutting down.

Over the past few years, OpenDarwin has become a mere hosting facility for
Mac OS X related projects. The original notions of developing the Mac OS X
and Darwin sources has not panned out. Availability of sources, interaction
with Apple representatives, difficulty building and tracking sources, and a
lack of interest from the community have all contributed to this.
Administering a system to host other people's projects is not what the
remaining OpenDarwin contributors had signed up for and have been doing this
thankless task far longer than they expected. It is time for OpenDarwin to
go dark.

Project admins for all active projects have been notified, and we will be
working with them to provide as seamless a transition to their new homes as
possible. We don't want to boot anyone off, we will be operating the
machines as usual for several months, until everyone has had a chance to
move elsewhere.

We will continue to provide email and dns redirection after the machines go
dark. We'll be looking at what other redirection services are needed and can
be provided after hosting has ceased.

The OpenDarwin team would like to thank everyone who did contribute to the
project, and our apologies to active, loyal projects that have to move.

- OpenDarwin Core Team and Administrators
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