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On 1/17/07, Lucas Arruda (llbra) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Prezado Professor,

recebi esse email falando sobre um estudo do Opensource. Como so temos
o lado da Microsoft nessa historia que sempre afirma que no final o que
que o barato sai caro, temos um estudo realizado na Europa falando
que na maioria das vezes isso nao e verdade.

Leia resumo abaixo.


On 1/17/07, Alexandre Pesserl < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "The European Commission's enterprise and industry department has just
> released the final draft of what could be the biggest academic
> interdisciplinary study on the economic / innovative impacts of
> free/libre/open source software (1.8-MB PDF). The study was done by an
> international consortium led by the United Nations University /
> University of Maastricht. The lead researcher, Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, has
> overseen a large volume of FLOSS studies in the last few years,
> including ones on FLOSS policies and worldwide FLOSS adoption. This
> academic-grade study has a very broad scope and has collected
> real-world information that is valuable for both companies and
> government bodies thinking about migration. The study is about the
> economic impact of FLOSS, not excluding the hidden indirect impact. It
> compares scenarios of open and proprietary software futures of Europe.
> The study looks at the FLOSS's competitiveness compared to proprietary
> software and also provides a few TCO comparison case-studies."
> Da conclusão do estudo:
> "Our findings show that, in almost all the cases, a transition toward
> open source reports of savings on the long term costs of ownership of
> the software products."
> "Our findings report no particular delays or lost of time in the daily
> work due to the use of OpenOffice.org ."

Lucas Arruda

Lucas Arruda
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