"What would you say if I told you that there was a nation that was at the
forefront of technology, an early adopter of ecommerce, leading the world in
3G mobile adoption, in wireless broadband, in wired broadband adoption, as
well as in citizen-driven media. Sounds like an amazing place, right?
Technology utopia?


This nation is also a unique monoculture where 99.9% of all the computer
users are on Microsoft Windows. This nation is a place where Apple Macintosh
users cannot bank online, make any purchases online, or interact with any of
the nation's e-government sites online. In fact, Linux users, Mozilla
Firefox users and Opera users are also banned from any of these types of
transactions because all encrypted communications online in this nation must
be done with Active X controls.

Where is this nation?"

Semelhanças ou diferenças a parte alguém poderia me atualizar sobre a
condução do processo de implantação da nota fiscal eletrônica por aqui e sua
independência de plataforma?

Um abraço,


"Você vê coisas que existem e se pergunta: por quê? Eu imagino coisas que
não existem e me pergunto: por que não?" (George Bernard Shaw)
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