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"Indeed, there have been recent rumors that >Novell  XenSource."

Buscando se comprueba que efectivamente apuntan rumores de compra.
Tengamos en cuenta toda la liquidez de caja que Microsoft le "prestó a
nulo interés" a Novell:


Alberto Barrionuevo   Vice-President F.F.I.I.

On 2/3/07, Olival Gomes Barboza Júnior <olival.junior em gmail.com> wrote:
> Novell and Microsoft Staff Up Interoperability Lab
> Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Linux-Watch Magazine
> When Novell and Microsoft announced their unlikely partnership, a
> part of the arrangement that got little attention at the time was
> that they'd create a joint research facility, where both company's
> technical experts would collaborate on new joint software solutions.
> Now, they're staffing up. According to Sam Ramji, Microsoft's
> director of platform technology strategy, the companies are looking
> for a few good program managers and software engineers to populate
> that joint research facility. The Lab will focus on interoperable
> virtualization between the Windows and SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise
> Server) and will be part of the product engineering teams for both
> companies. In particular, the Lab will focus on several areas:
> "Virtualization, Office OpenXML/ODF interoperability, WS-Management
> interoperability, and directory federation." Ramji, and his Novell
> colleagues, are looking for program managers and software design
> engineers. Depending on the particular job, one might work for
> Novell, while another would draw his or her pay-checks from
> Microsoft. The job descriptions make it clear, though, that
> virtualization is at the top of the priority list for the two
> companies. Specifically, Microsoft wants a "Software Design Engineer
> in Test, Linux Interoperability" and a "Program Manager, Linux
> Interoperability," while Novell is seeking a "Software Design
> Engineer in Test, Windows
> Interoperability." [Note: WS-Management was contributed to DMTF in
> August 2005 and ratified as a Preliminary Standard at DMTF in August
> 2006.]
> http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS9595816177.html
> See also WS-Management: http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2005-09-17-
> a.html#WS-Management-Preliminary
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