New GPL License Is Coming: Linus Torvalds Wishes It Weren't
By Charles Babcock,
11:12 PM ET, Mar 13, 2007

I was surprised in an e-mail exchange with Linus Torvalds at the depth
of his criticism of the next version of the General Public License. I
thoughtt his differences with the Free Software Foundation would just
fade away. Now I feel that it's not a simple issue to resolve.

/InformationWeek/ is querying knowledgeable parties on the nature of the
upcoming 3.0 revision of the GPL, the software license that has played
such an important role in changing our computing landscape. (...)

"I absolutely /love/ the GPLv2 because it embodies that 'develop in the
open' model," wrote Torvalds. The emphasis is his; I can honestly say he
rarely uses the word "love" in connection with anything from the Free
Software Foundation.

He notes GPLv3 has been criticized as a Free Software Foundation
political platform. He agrees and quarrels with FSF's conception of
"proprietary software as being something /evil/ and /immoral/. Me, I
just don't care about proprietary software. It's not evil or immoral. It
just doesn't matter." (...)
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