Segundo um interessante artigo, o fim do Google será causado pelos
seus próprios funcionários, os quais estão tendo o exercício da sua
criatividade limitada pela empresa.

Eis o artigo:

E os comentários no /.

Um pequeno teaser:
"Google is an amazing entrepreneurial petri dish. Yet at the same
time, it is doomed to disappoint nearly every entrepreneurial type who
works there. This is key: Google is sowing the seeds of its own
eventual destruction. It can't help doing so.
The company has created a potent combination of
straight-from-university geniuses, straight-from-start-up geniuses,
and straight-from-Microsoft/IBM/Yahoo/wherever geniuses. These bright
folks work individually and in teams and 20 percent of their time is
supposed to be devoted to pursuing new technical ideas of their own.
It is a brilliant strategy and one that would appear to be almost
foolproof. Alas, that's not so, for Google's strategy for business
immortality is fatally flawed and will ultimately kill the company.


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