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Christian publicó algo en tu Muro y escribió:

"Hi Marcelo, you might remember me from filming you in Porto Alegre for the 
Digital Tipping Point film.  In fact, we have lots of video from Brasil such as 
this footage of Marcelo Tas, & we need some help using it to make our 
documentary on Software Libre.  Here is an example of our footage, which we are 
giving away under a cc by-SA license.  It is the beginning of an interview with 
Marcelo Tas at Telecultura in Sao Paulo:


We have about 40 hours of footage from Brasil, including interviews with 
Gilberto Gil:


We are hoping to interest people in making video shorts showing how Software 
Livre is changing their lives.  We will then use those videos to make a 1.5 
hour film called the Digital Tipping Point.  If you know filmmakers in Brasil 
using Cinelerra for filmmaking, would you please send them my email address? 
Obrigado, Christian Einfeldt [EMAIL PROTECTED]"

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