Brazil will remain on the Watch List in 2009. Brazil has illustrated a
commitment to anti-piracy
and anti-counterfeiting policies by public awareness and education
campaigns. Enforcement
actions, including investigations into IPR violations, raids, and seizures
of pirated and counterfeit
products, have continued. *The United States encourages Brazil to* continue
these actions as well
as strengthen its IPR enforcement legislation, take more vigorous action to
address book and
Internet piracy, and *accede to and implement the WIPO Internet Treaties*.
[que, diga-se de passagem, proíbem
a retirada de DRM de conteúdo digital] Concerns remain
regarding patent protection for pharmaceuticals and medical devices,
including with respect to:
the decision against granting patents for polymorphs and second-use
inventions; and the role of
Brazil’s health authority, ANVISA, in the patent application process. In
addition, the United
States continues to urge Brazil to provide effective protection against
unfair commercial use of
undisclosed test and other data generated to obtain marketing approval for
products. The United States will continue to engage with Brazil bilaterally
on these IPR issues,
including through the U.S.-Brazil Bilateral Consultative Mechanism and other

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