Muito bom o post do Maddog sobre seu encontro com Lula no FISL 10:

Destaque para a Ășltima parte:

"Just as Obama's election reset the expectations of young black people in
the United States, Lula's speech reset the campaign for Software Livre
(Software Freedom) in Brazil and everywhere else. Now when students want to
use Free Software in their classes, they can point to Lula's speech and say
that Free Software is important. When government employees want to use Free
Software to solve a problem, and their boss says to "use Microsoft", the
employees will have a new argument to use.

And as I go around the world talking to government leaders, university
presidents, and company owners, I can point to this speech on YouTube and
say "This is what the president of Brazil had to say about Free Software.

My job just became much, much easier. Carpe Diem"

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity...and I'm not sure
about the universe.
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