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XML Patent for Microsoft

The core of US Patent 7,571,169 which Microsoft was granted on August
4th refers to – "A word-processing document stored in a single XML
file that may be manipulated by applications that understand XML".

A well-formed XML file must fully represent and reflect all of the
formatting options supported and when saving in XML format, these
formatting options must not be lost. In Microsoft's method XML files
would be accompanied by a single published XSD schema file which
defined the XML dialect used. Currently both OOXML and ODF are using
several XML files when storing documents, compressed in a ZIP archive
for easier management.

According to the patent applications, the aim of the invention is to
allow any application to create, edit and view these XML documents,
with the XML and XSD file together describing all the aspects of the
format. In the past, critics of Microsoft's own OOXML dialect have
pointed out how the definition of OOXML was too vague. This included
allowing binary data into files without specifying how to deal with
them. At several points in the 6,000 pages of the OOXML
standard[icon:pdf], references are made to the behaviour of certain
versions of Microsoft's Word, without detailing what that behaviour
is. (jk/c't)

A patente está muito genérica. Suspeito que há uma chance dela afetar
o formato ODF.

O documento da patente está em,571,169.PN.&OS=PN/7,571,169&RS=PN/7,571,169

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