the current stable release will be removed from testing in debian because
the stable pspp release can not be build with gcc. This is resolved by the
new gnulib version.

My proposal is to make a new release as I can not patch debian to the new gnulib
version. Are there any known problems which stop us from making a release?



> Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:
> Von: Debian testing autoremoval watch <nore...@release.debian.org>
> Betreff: pspp is marked for autoremoval from testing
> Datum: 5. August 2017 um 06:39:50 MESZ
> An: p...@packages.debian.org
> pspp 0.10.2-2 is marked for autoremoval from testing on 2017-08-20
> It is affected by these RC bugs:
> 853623: pspp: ftbfs with GCC-7

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