Hi Ryoko,

thank you for your report!

#1: This is an expected behavior. The way pspp is currently build does not allow
to open the files by doubleclicking.

#2: This is not expected. Could you maybe describe the problem in more detail 
compare the behavior to this bug description: 


If you think, that this description describes your problem, then you could
extend the bug report to show how this can be reproduced.



> Am 05.04.2018 um 04:14 schrieb Ryoko Yamamoto <yamamo...@oldwestbury.edu>:
> Greetings,
> I recently downloaded the latest stable PSPP MacOS Bundle (pspp-1.0.1-1.dmg) 
> and installed it on my MacBook (OS High Sierra). I have been experiencing a 
> couple of problems and wonder if anyone can offer suggestions.
> #1. I cannot open a .sav file by double-clicking or right-clicking --> open 
> (An error message attached). The only way I can open a file is through FILE 
> --> OPEN. 
> #2. PSPP sometimes crashes in the process of exporting an output. When it 
> crashes, the data file disappears even though it was previously saved.
> Based on the error message to #1, I wonder if the app is not properly 
> installed. I reinstalled it, but the problem persists.
> Any thoughts? Thank you in advance for your advice.
> Ryoko

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