Hey folks.
Just thought I'd let you all know that a team talk channel has now been created 
for proTools folks.
For Mac and windows, go to http://bearwear.dk and download the latest version.
For iOS and android users, the app is entitled I team talk and can be found in 
the respective app stores.
Once installed on any platform, download and unzip  the following file.
I zipped it because some computers want to open it as an HTML document.
Once  TeamTalk is installed, this file will automatically launch the program 
and put you in the correct channel. For iOS users, you may want to use a 
desktop machine to unzip this file and pop it in your dropbox. Then, on iOS, or 
android for that matter, run the file from your dropbox folder and it will 
launch the app, connect to the server, and put you in the channel.
If anybody has any questions, feel free to hit me up. I hope to see you guys on 
the server, and happy chatting.

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