Guys, this subject has briefly come up a time or two, though it's been 
discussed in only very little detail from what I can see.

Recently, I was very very fortunate to be given an Alva Satelite Pro 584 80 
cell display. Yes, you heard right, donated! Don't ask. It was offered, and I 
took it before the person could change their mind. LOL!

Anyway, so, I'm curious. Be it this display, or another one, doesn't matter, 
for those of you who own displays, be it stand alones, or be it ones on a note 
taker that you sometimes connect to yolur mac as a display, have you all found 
really any benefits of using both braille as well as speech output?  Are there 
things you seem to be able to monitor or keep track of better with having a 
display, that without one, you feel it would make your workflow ever so 
slightly more difficult? Now that I have a display, and it's not one I'm 
borrowing or one that the state could take back or anything, this thing's mine 
forever, I'd really like to know how I could maybe put it to use in my music 
production, if at all.

I'm thinking about seeing if Hadley  School has a braille music corse, but 
that's a whole different topic.

Anyway, like I said, I'd be extremely interested in talking with any of you 
either on list, off list, via phone, via Skype, e-mail, however you all see 
fit. I would just like to see how far I could maybe take this with my display 
to further enhance things, if at all.  Or, on the contrary, do you all find 
that braille with PT more slows you down?

Let me know.


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