Hi Peter,
I'm responding to this on the PTAccess list because it can often be of help to 
other users when they see these issues and how potentially to resolve them.
Regarding the clips in the clips List, as you know, VoiceOver notoriously sees 
things beyond the visible boundaries of windows and tables. what's probably 
happening is that VoiceOver is focused on an item that is outside of the actual 
list. What you need to do is search for the file name you want to import. That 
will narrow down the list and essentially guarantee that the list only contains 
a handful of files. As far as dragging to the insertion, the Pro Tools command 
that is being issued by Flo Tools is a Control-drag which is exactly the 
command to drag to the insertion point. I can't see how it's possible that the 
file is not ending up at the insertion point unless Timeline and Edit somehow 
became unlinked or something having to do with the insertion not actually being 
seen. Again, that whole edit window scrolling thing needs to be checked 
whenever you're planning on doing any dragging. For what it's worth (although 
this probably technically doesn't quite matter), you might want to check to see 
if the Grabber Tool is selected when doing things like dragging.

Regarding the conforming of audio to session tempo, take a look in the 
Preferences dialog under the Processing tab, specifically the Import and 
elastic clusters. It would be easier to demo this on WhatsApp but go through 
those options and make sure things make sense like not automatically converting 
files upon import or dragging from desktop, etc. Perhaps that might help if 
you've found some degree of success with dragging from a workspace.
Hope that helps and get well soon,

> On Feb 8, 2018, at 5:50 AM, Peter Bosher <peter.bos...@btconnect.com> wrote:
> Hi Slau,
> After your help on Tuesday, I had a completely successful day's editing 
> yesterday, but this morning I have a new problem.   I'm on a deadline, and in 
> a few days when the work is done and when my flu goes away so that I can talk 
> again, I'll do a detailed WhatsApp on this topic, but meanwhile please, if 
> you can help with the following, it mightsave me one more time.
> I'm assembling a programme entirely from pre-recorded clips, with voiceover, 
> music interviews and so-on, so the main thing I need to do is get clips into 
> the project on the track I want and at the correct time position.
> Yesterday, the FloTools drag from clips-list to timeline was working.   It 
> never got to the insertion point, but I could simply cut it from where it 
> landed, and paste it to the right place. Today, the clip that gets dragged is 
> not the one I choose, but one a few places up.  A sighted person sees that 
> the voiceover box is selecting the wrong clip, even though it's speaking the 
> one I want. the mouse pointer is set to follow the VO cursor, but is there 
> any other setting I should check which could explain this?
> That was question 1.
> Question 2 is that one other way to achieve what I want, is to find the clip 
> in the workspace window, and then choose 'spot to edit insertion'.  However, 
> when I do that, it tries to conform to tempo. I don't want it to do that, but 
> is there an option which would stop corrupting the clip and just let me spot 
> it as it is?
> Those are my immediate questions, but when I come to do the Whatsapp I'll 
> expand on this particular process.  Why, why, why, can there not be an option 
> in the import audio dialogue, that would simply let you spot the clip to the 
> edit insertion, without creating a new track which is really not helpful.   
> Anyway that's for another time but please do say if you can see simple 
> solutions to either approach 1 or 2?
> Very best,
> Peter

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