Hi Christian,

I suggest you to browse through Youtube-tutorials (sometimes sighted people 
describe what they do, sometimes they dont). You will need a little 
patience in finding the way how things have to be done using voice over. As 
far as I know there is just one Voiceover based tutorial out there 
(protools with speech) but they are a bit out-of-date and the website is 
not available atm but you can find some of the tuts also on youtube.
Maybe the Pro Tools manual itself can be a good starting point also.
Another possibility is looking for someone offering one - on one Prootols 
trainings out there.
 Best, Nico.
Am Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018 22:04:45 UTC+1 schrieb Christian:
> Hi all, 
> OK, so I now have figured out how to play, record and a few other things 
>  in Protools and Flotools. But, has anyone some good recommendations on how 
> I can learn Protools, if there are any tutorials or whatever so that one 
> can get into it more quicker? 
> Best regards and thanks, 
> Christian

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