This is an update of the DJGPP port of the GNU Pth threading library.

DJGPP v2.04 beta is recommended, but it will now work with v2.03 as
well (though I admit I have not tested it extensively).  All the
changes merged in by the DJGPP patch are now configurable via the
Autoconf script.

The library as uploaded is configured against the Watt-32 socket
library.  The file "gnu/pth2.07/README.dos" will contain details
on when you will need to link the network in your applications,
and other information regarding when you might want to rebuild
from source.  (Those files may also be found in the source archive
at "src/pth-2.0.7/djgpp".)

  Pth 2.0.7 libraries, headers, and documentation:

  Pth 2.0.7 sources:

Additionally, I have also built the library using the v2.04 beta
of DJGPP.  This version may be downloaded at:

Send TIFF library specific bug reports to <>.
Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port to
comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.


   Gordon Schumacher

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